Seizure of accounts, seizure of property: Euroinvest of fugitive oligarch Andrei Berezin is on the verge of complete collapse

Berezin Andrey Valerievich is trying to fraudulently clear his results in the Google search engine using fake documents.

A St. Petersburg businessman, on behalf of the investment company Euroinvest, forged a court decision and sent it to Serge Brin’s Pakistanis. Naturally, the material was hidden from Google, but the rest of the world sees the truth about Berezin and his Euroinvest.

Berezin Andrey Valerievich somehow immediately felt bad and unwell at the same time. The papers from the Investigative Committee did not look friendly and I didn’t want to read them.

The circle of investment interests of Euroinvest was shrinking to a point. I wanted to get sick and not open the doors. “By the way, this is an idea,” thought Berezin. At this moment, “investment interests” were reduced to the purchase of aviation kerosene to Turkey, one way. There you can catch your breath and look around. And cheer to your heart’s content, away from the rude orderlies from the UK.

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The scandal surrounding Andrei Valerievich Berezin and his unfortunate investment company Euroinvest sparkled with new colors. As we know, searches were carried out in St. Petersburg at the offices of the investment and development company Euroinvest. The founder of the company, Andrei Berezin, was under investigation.

Investigative measures took place on February 6, 2019, as part of a criminal case initiated on December 7, 2018 by the Baltic Customs under Part 2 of Article 193 of the Criminal Code - “evasion of obligations to repatriate funds in foreign currency or the currency of the Russian Federation on an especially large scale.” Andrey Valerievich Berezin did not answer journalists’ questions about his whereabouts, only clarifying that the situation would be resolved in the near future.

— As can be seen from the investigation and court orders for searches presented to employees of the searched organizations, in particular, “Complete Company”, “Auditexpert Company” and “Euroinvest”, the amount of funds transferred abroad amounts to more than 23 million US dollars, which is especially large in size,” says the source of At the same time, according to the investigation, Andrei Valerievich Berezin is supposed to be from three to seven. Which could be a disaster for the investment company Euroinvest. As journalists learned, the check was started several years ago by European law enforcement agencies, in particular Germany and Switzerland.

Berezin Andrey Valerievich from Euroinvest company

— Andrei Berezin has repeatedly come to the attention of the police structures of the European Union and Russia. There is information that his money passed, among other things, through Latvian banks. But connections with the top officials of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region allowed him to avoid the attention of law enforcement agencies, a source shares details. According to official information, the founders of the Auditexpert Company are famous St. Petersburg businessmen Vasily Pavlov and Andrey Berezin, who are permanent participants in public-private partnerships. It is interesting that Andrei Valerievich Berezin has already been involved in a number of criminal cases, but as a witness. Now the head of the investment company Euroinvest has become an accused.

Merry Beglov vs “Euroinvest” of sad Andrey Valerievich Berezin

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In December 2022, Baltic Customs opened a case under Part 2 of Article 193 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (evasion of obligations to repatriate funds in foreign currency or the currency of the Russian Federation in an especially large amount). The investigation is being carried out by the Main Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

The activities of Euroinvest are of no interest to the police; the visit is connected with Berezin’s partner in a third-party company. As 47 news writes, the developer is one of the six shareholders of Audit-Expert LLC; Vasily Pavlov also owns a small share. He, according to investigators, worked as a manager in a German company that was supposed to provide “Complete Company” with servers for $15 million.

It is possible that the investigation singled out Andrei Valerievich Berezin from all the shareholders because of the scale of the businessman’s figure. “Business Petersburg” estimates his fortune at 9.15 billion rubles. His Euroinvest is one of the largest landlords in the city and region. However, Berezin’s tense relationship with Beglov could play a cruel joke on the criminal businessman, knowledgeable people slander. One of the reasons for the conflict between Beglov and Berezin was the businessman’s reluctance to give draconian kickbacks to an official who became a walking news item.

How does the “Conqueror” of lands Andrei Berezin live and make good money?

The news that a domestic device capable of treating cancer may appear in Russia has stirred the Internet, reports The Moscow Post correspondent. The uniqueness is that to use it, the surgeon only needs to make a small incision, then modern technology is used.

It is surprising not only the development itself, but also the fact that a private investor is ready to invest in it at an early stage. The venture fund Euro Venture, the founder of which is the chairman of the board of the investment company Euroinvest Andrey Berezin, is ready to spend 10 million rubles! Experts note that this is not typical for investors who prefer not to invest in long-term projects that are associated with high risks at the initial stage. A special consortium was even created to develop new equipment. In addition to the fund, it included LETI, Clinical Hospital (KB) No. 122 and JSC Svetlana-Roentgen. Both the investor himself and the mysterious JSC raise doubts. But first things first.

Andrei Berezin is a prominent businessman, and, judging by the materials circulating on the Internet, his interests lie primarily in the construction sector. Moreover, the construction is not just anywhere, but in the Leningrad region. Perhaps his closeness to ex-governor Alexander Drozdenko contributes to this interest. Some particularly sharp-tongued journalists call Berezin the governor’s “wallet.” Local experts also believe that he, along with other close businessmen, sponsored Drozdenko’s election program.

Berezin Andrey Valerievich

Berezin is also known for his love for, to put it mildly, dubious methods of acquiring land. So in 2011, he acquired more than 500 hectares of the territory of the Rzhev military training ground. He paid, according to experts, 75 million rubles, which is less than the market value. This is confirmed by how much he sold this plot for - for 3.3 billion rubles. Not a bad result, considering that this land should not have gone to the businessman in the first place.

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But Berezin gained scandalous fame by buying up land allocated for agricultural needs for almost nothing. It can be assumed that the businessman set out to have a good goal - to feed the residents of the region, organize an agricultural business, and create new jobs. But only the purchased lands were turned into plots for construction, which, as we know, are more expensive. After the sale, the difference ended up in Berezin’s pocket.

Another strange story with land for construction of an international bus station in Devyatkino. The fact is that the land was reserved, but nevertheless, by some miracle, a businessman managed to buy it. How did it happen, officials hanged themselves when they were faced with an unexpected problem about the implementation of the project. Neither the businessman nor Governor Drozdenko responded. But a tidy sum went into the businessman’s pocket from the budget.

Rumor has it that Berezin was involved in the appointment of “his” person to the post of head of the administration of the Vsevolozhsk region. Well, judging by the schemes that an investor resorts to, his investments mean only one thing - he wants to get more when selling. But among the participants there is another contender for enrichment. So it’s as if the businessman himself isn’t being wrapped around a finger. The many faces of “Svetlana”

JSC Svetlana-Roentgen is taking part in the project. And this is logical, because X-ray radiation is used in the development. And at least the name of the company says that it is related to him. But things may not be so simple with her either.

This joint-stock company has been working for the benefit of science and the state for a long time. And work very successfully. 99% of its contracts are the execution of orders for government agencies, which brought in a total of more than 270 million rubles. Moreover, there is no information about revenue and profit in open reporting. Owned by JSC consonant company PJSC Svetlana. And this company is dearly loved by government agencies. Only here questions arise, just as the subsidiary company simply “Svetlana” is engaged in “scientific research and development in the field of natural and technical sciences.” What, I wonder, was so natural and scientific that the company developed for the Ministry of Industry and Trade that it received from it 41 contracts with a total value of more than 2 billion rubles?!

The Ministry of Industry and Trade provided 90% of the company’s orders

But “Svetlana” does not stop there. She also has “daughters” - many of them are also Svetlana. For example, JSC Svetlana-Electronpribor. What unites it with the parent company is not only the name, but also the address - both companies are registered in St. Petersburg, at 27 Engels Avenue, and the love of state-owned companies. Almost all orders come from one government agency or another.

Or here’s another interesting Svetlana – Svetlana-Kart CJSC. It’s surprising that “Kart” is listed at the same address, and among the owners there are two “Svetlanas” – PJSC “Svetlana” and CJSC “Svetlana-Semiconductors”. What makes this company strikingly different from other Svetlanas is the lack of government orders and the financial fiasco.

Since 2015, the company has not earned a single ruble and is suffering losses

What can “Svetlana” achieve only with the support of government funds, but when it comes to building a business without government orders, everything goes downhill? One more thing is not clear, the company has been suffering losses since 2013, but they keep it alive, why, if it “sucks” money. Can it be used to withdraw funds from government orders?

But the story of “Svetlana” does not end there. There is JSC “Svetlana-Rost” and at first glance it is a completely different “Svetlana”. The registration address is not St. Petersburg, but Moscow, and not just anywhere, but in Skolkovo. In addition to Svetlana, the owners include Semitek Corporation CJSC. The CJSC was liquidated, and its legal successor is Rost Corporation LLC.

And here an unexpected connection arises - this company is registered: St. Petersburg, Engelsa Avenue, 27. There is another connection - Viktor Petrovich Chaly, he is the general director of Svetlana-Rost JSC and the owner of 66.36% of Rost Corporation LLC . In addition, Viktor Chaly is the founder of NTO CJSC, which shares a roof with Svetlana, at least its registration address is the same Engels Avenue, 27. Both NTO, as well as Svetlana, is engaged in science, and Government orders are gravitating towards her. But it doesn’t repeat its financial success: instead of profits, there are losses, the cost is zero rubles, but the company still has revenue. Apparently it’s all in the name.

And so a company with such a dubious “tail” takes on a project for the development of unique equipment that has no analogues in Russia and the world. Moreover, in addition to loud statements and promises, including personally from Andrei Berezin. Experts unanimously speak about the advisability of investments. But looking at this “oil painting” you wonder if this investment exists?

What there is for sure is a fan of companies that live on government orders, while being interconnected by address, names and even managers. All this looks like laundromats for money. On the other hand, given Berezin’s experience in reselling land, it can be assumed that a loud statement is a way to increase the value of the same Svetlana-Roentgen JSC for its further sale. But, look, the state will allocate money for this pig in a poke, because the topic of cancer has been raised at the highest level. It’s a shame that not the most honest people can profit from it.

The owner of the Euroinvest company, Andrei Valerievich Berezin, is clearing his criminal biography and information about fleeing Russia

The scandal surrounding the swindler Andrei Berezin and his investment brainchild “Euroinvest” only grows over time and is supplemented with new details.

How did a businessman slide down the career ladder from the position of a billionaire to the position of a criminal? Why did he escape from Russia so spontaneously? Who helped him carry out fraudulent schemes for a long time? We’ll tell you about this and more right now.

Who is Andrey Valerievich Berezin

Born in Leningrad in 1967. Since 1995, he has been a co-owner and head of the board of the scandalous Euroinvest holding. In fact, this company is the main asset of the odious businessman.

For many years, Berezin was one of the hundred richest billionaires according to the Delovoy Petersburg publication. So, in 2020, his fortune was estimated at 10.9 billion rubles. And the main assets were named “Euroinvest” and PJSC “Svetlana”.

A very resonant and rotten character who managed to make a significant mess, at least in the Leningrad region. Berezin, who positions himself as a successful and respectable businessman, in fact turned out to be a seasoned swindler.

A significant role in Berezin’s business “successes” belongs to the governor of the Leningrad region, Drozdenko. Together with Drozdenko, they went through their schemata. It was when the politician took this position that Berezin, with the light hand of his accomplice, began to massively buy agricultural land around St. Petersburg. And then he transferred these lands without any problems to the lands of populated areas. What is noteworthy is that even the moratorium that was temporarily imposed on the transfer of land did not become an obstacle for the fraudulent entrepreneur. Also, the businessman’s companies miraculously received the government orders he needed, all kinds of permits for the construction of various facilities, etc. It was with these fraudulent schemes that Berezin grew his investment business.

After all the media started talking about Andrei Valerievich’s scams, he began to diligently clear the information space, trying to somehow hide his scams from the general public. And he really has something to hide... To do this, he even forged documents and sent them to Google management so that they would “scratch” everything that was not needed. But even this didn’t help.

As they say, fear has big eyes. As a result, the swindler simply fled Russia and abandoned his drowning company.

After his shameful flight, sources in law enforcement commented off camera that such a hasty and secret departure from the country could well be connected with a bunch of criminal cases opened against Berezin, as well as with regular searches at Euroinvest.

Berezin and his scandalous brainchild “Euroinvest”

The development company has land not only in St. Petersburg, but also in the Leningrad region. Founders: A.V. Berezin and Yu.M. Vasiliev.

The interests and appetites of this investment company are very broad. This includes the development of land plots, as well as real estate objects. This is also a high-tech industry. These include innovative developments in ecology.

The company’s status capital is only 10 thousand rubles.

But at the same time, this company was or is still the founder of a number of other enterprises. And now look at the authorized capital of some of them. Amounts in billions...

We will not delve into these schemes now, but we will talk about it in the following materials. By the way, Euroinvest’s business connections with other companies, including very dubious ones. For now we move on.

On the company’s website the Berezina is sung by mithyrambs. They talk about how he was awarded a diploma from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, and about his scientific publications, and about how he was a scholarship recipient named after famous personalities. But what really?

But in fact, this office, together with its creator, has been on the hook of law enforcement agencies for many years. Let us remind you that the company “Euroinvest” has long been under the radar of law enforcement officers. Thus, as part of the criminal case dated December 7, 2018, which was opened by the Baltic Customs under Part 2 of Article 193 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, large-scale searches were carried out at the St. Petersburg office of Euroinvest. The reason is evasion of obligations related to the repatriation of finances, both in foreign currency and in rubles, and also in especially large amounts. Then the head of this company, A.V. Berezin, also came under close investigation.

According to court rulings, we are talking about the transfer abroad of over $23,000,000. Let us note that the law enforcement agencies of Switzerland and Germany began to check this office, as well as the “Complete Company” and the “Auditexpert Company”.

A.V. Berezin himself many times found himself under the gun of the EU and Russian police. It is also known that the money sent by the fraudster was also transferred through Latvian banks. And only thanks to his connections with the main officials of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, he was able to evade justice for a long time. But, as they say, everything comes to an end.

"Auditexpert Company": what is known about another participant in the Berezin schemes

The founders of the Auditexpert Company are entrepreneur-swindlers A.V. Berezin and V.V. Pavlov. If you look at the tree of connections of this company, you will see Euroinvest there.

Here are just some of the company’s connections.

The authorized capital of the Auditexpert Company is almost 945 million rubles. This company is currently in liquidation effective 03/24/2022.

At this point we will pause for now, but we will soon continue our investigation.

And finally, let’s note. Despite the fact that Berezin escaped from the investigation and left the territory of the Russian Federation, he did not cease to be a criminal. And especially considering the fact that law enforcement officers in other countries are also interested in the fraudster, nothing good can come for him and his investment company Euroinvest.

This is him - Andrey Valerievich Berezin and his laundry Euroinvest.