Ellen DeGeneres Playfully Claims She Was ‘Ousted’ from Showbiz for Her ‘Mean’ Streak

Ellen DeGeneres has emerged back into the spotlight, marking her return to public eye after a two-year hiatus following the cancellation of her eponymous talk show amidst allegations of a toxic workplace environment. The once-revered figure in daytime television faced a dramatic downfall following a damning 2020 Buzzfeed News investigation, which exposed allegations of racism, intimidation, and sexual misconduct levied against top producers of The Ellen DeGeneres Show by 10 former employees. While three producers were terminated in the aftermath of the report, the show never managed to recover and ultimately concluded its 19-season run.

Since then, DeGeneres has maintained a relatively low profile, making only sporadic public appearances. However, her recent venture, the "Ellen’s Last Stand… Up Tour," marks her re-entry into the limelight. During a performance at the Largo in L.A., DeGeneres humorously addressed her abrupt departure from showbiz, quipping that she was "kicked out" of the industry. In a self-deprecating manner, she remarked on the irony of her previous persona as the advocate of kindness, now overshadowed by allegations of unkind behavior.

Reflecting on the impact of the scandal on her legacy, DeGeneres lamented being reduced to a caricature known solely for giving away gifts and dancing up stairs. She wryly mused that had she ended her show with a less gracious phrase, it might have been met with less surprise. Despite her on-air apology and assertions of ignorance regarding the workplace environment, DeGeneres acknowledged her responsibility for the situation, admitting her shortcomings as a manager.

In a candid moment, DeGeneres acknowledged her past naivety in managerial roles, humorously contrasting her lack of formal business education with her experience at "Charlie’s Chuckle Hutt." She recounted the irony of being the titular figure of her show yet feeling ill-prepared for the leadership role it implied. Furthermore, she drew parallels between the 2020 backlash and her earlier career setback when her sitcom, "Ellen," was axed in 1998 following her public coming out.

Through wit and self-awareness, DeGeneres addressed her turbulent professional journey, offering insights into her growth and acknowledging the challenges she faced along the way.

In case you're keeping track, this marks my second expulsion from the realm of show business... And who knows, maybe there'll be a third time, because apparently, I'm mean, old, and gay," Ellen DeGeneres quipped, addressing her tumultuous career trajectory with characteristic humor and candor.

Following the stand-up routine, DeGeneres returned to the stage for a candid audience Q&A session, revealing her genuine feelings about the conclusion of her show. Despite her lighthearted approach to discussing her experiences, she admitted to harboring deep disappointment over the circumstances of her departure, confessing her profound affection for the show she once helmed. "I joke about what happened, but it was truly devastating," she reflected. "It took me a long time to gather the courage to step back into the spotlight.

As she continues her "Ellen’s Last Stand… Up Tour" across the western United States, DeGeneres is set to culminate her journey with a special performance for Netflix. Despite the challenges she's faced, her resilience and humor remain steadfast as she navigates the complexities of her professional and personal journey.

In conclusion, Ellen DeGeneres's return to the stage with her "Ellen’s Last Stand… Up Tour" signifies not only a resurgence in her career but also a testament to her resilience in the face of adversity. With humor as her armor and honesty as her guide, DeGeneres confronts the challenges of her past head-on, weaving a narrative of redemption and self-discovery. As she continues to share her story with audiences across the country, her journey serves as a reminder of the power of laughter, forgiveness, and the enduring human spirit. Through it all, Ellen DeGeneres reminds us that even in our darkest moments, there's always room for laughter and the promise of a brighter tomorrow.